Tuesday, 24 June 2008

My Round Robin Page for Femmy

Well I think I might just love the vintage look now. As a rule I dont like to work with images or vintage or collage, so this has all of those!! And I'm really pleased with the result. In fact I might keep it lol!! This is for Femmy for her theme of outdoors. I struggled to come up with an idea for AGES and had a rummage around trying to decide what to do. I found a few images I liked and then came up with this lot. The background is collaged and gessoed (a word?), then inked round the edges, a few bits of veneer type stuff for driftwood is on the bottom, the fella in the middle is an image stuck on card them triple embossed with a bit of distress ink to blend him in a little, the same for the Ocean sign on the bottom right. The rope is string knotted around rusty old washer type things from the toolbox and then the string was distress inked in brown and green for rust and seaweed. I do hope Femmy doesnt mind a bit of dimension in her page, but flats just too hard!


Katherine said...

Love this!


Hiya, looove this, and especially love your sculpted heads. they are brilliant. love em

Will be great to see you on the challenge blog. look forward to it.

Oh and i'll put a link to your blog on mine.