Sunday, 25 May 2008


I managed to draw a few pics for my next challenge on DoCrafts today, I wouldn't normally upload on here until the challenge was complete, but I was pleased with this one and i have to chop a few bits off to make it fit on an atc for the challenge so made the exception this once :) Its just a pencil drawing on bristol paper.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Watercolour Painting

I'm hosting my first swap on the DoCrafts forum and its a theme of Handpainted so I decided I should maybe show a couple of my paintings. I painted this on the request of my mum a few years back. She has this hanging in her kitchen. Its not what I'd normally choose to paint and the glasses are a little wonky but its okay. I dont do rulers when I'm painting :)

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Not sure how this one escaped the blog before now (might be the awful photograph), so thought i'd put it on. A5 encaustic for my lovely mum. Or she was lovely till she put this in a book and didnt hang it on the wall yet!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I had entered into a swap on DC with an underwater theme, sadly one of my cards went missing on the way to its new home. So I have finally made a replacement. I had originally planned to recreate the one that went missing, but when I saw this picture I couldn't resist doing this instead. Its pencil drawn and then drawn over with a quickle glue pen and embossed in black, watercoloured (pencils) and then a bit of acrylic to finish it off.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

This atc was supposed to be for a swap I am doing or ABSA (altered background, something altered) BUT as I was uploading on the DC site I realised that I may have omitted the something altered :$ How I managed that I can really say, but for someone who cant remember the day of the week its not really all that surprising! Anyway, the background is made of cork which was painted with acrylics, then overlayed with another layer of cork with the keyhole cut out, with some mesh background. Thde cork has been painted several times as it soaked up all the paint and then covered in crackle glaze. A few bits here and there and its finished ..... was finished. Can I fix it? Dunno, watch this space ................

Oh, and I got this idea from an altered box i saw somewhere sometime, but it has escaped me now.

Been trying to get my BRAKs out on time so made a few this week. This one is made up of alcohol inked photo paper which i then blasted with a heat gun to get it to bubble, i quite like that. Then a horrid flowery frame was covered in silver ep to make it non horrid and the 'photo' is eyes stamped into fp, not that you can really tell from the picture, but that is what it is. Few bits and bobs and its finished.