Tuesday, 24 June 2008

My Round Robin Page for Astrid

Well this is the first page i've made for the return. Scary! I really dont do collage or vintage often so I do hope its okay and Astrid likes it. I had fun making it. The background is collaged and then overpainted with gesso and sanded. There are more paper overlays, mainly textured paper with a coloured core so I could sand a embossed image from it (although its pretty much covered up now). There is the acetate little girl, I didnt really want her shiny but I wanted all the text and bits to show through and I'm rubbish at image transfer so went for the safer option. There are little nursery rhymns around in there too, lace, brads, distress ink, flowers, german scrap, charms and im sure some more. Fingers crosssed Astrid likes it ok!

1 comment:

Astrid Maclean said...

Paula this is absolutely fabulous! can't wait to see it for real!!!