Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Now I'm sure!!!

Well I have decided that i definately dont like, thanks to everyone who commented i appreciate it. I will keep it cos i can't deface something with Becca on it, but I definately don't like it lol. I've started number 2 and it drying out before a paint job ..... fingers crossed I like this one, times running out!!!
I'm taking part with another 11 ladies in a round robin journal. This is maybe going to be my page. My theme is 'imagine'. This is not how i imagined this to look :$ The irony! I just dont know if i like it or not, so if anyone has a look please be honest. The page is 6"x6" mountboard. The sky is make of torn textured paper and overpainted with acrylic paints. The water is (or was) crackle paints which i didnt like to i overpainted that with acrylics, irridecent paints and wax rub ons. The rays from the bottom corner were done using a dry bruch technique with acrylics, put a couple of dragonflies in there and painted over again to hide them a little. The ladies face is just an image i found and then painted over and drew all over the top with metallic markers and pencils. The little flyer is my angels face (the picture didnt take so well) stuck onto grungeboard wings and her crown is because she is a princess :) Some metal magic around the edges and a tag finished it off. I just dont know :(


Gwen (Minimaker) said...

Whats not to like Paula?, it is very artistic, I love it, honest! x

Mooneybeams said...

I think it's beautiful!

Nicks said...

I'm sure the picture doesn't do it justice, to be honest I didn't notice the rays until I read your bit, sure they stand out more in real life.
If you REALLY want an honest opinion, read on,
if not stop reading now!

This only thing I'm not sure about is the princesses face...... but remember the photo may not do it justice!

Sherry said...

I'm sure Paula - it's brilliant! Look forward to seeing it for real on it's rounds (unless you make another!)

Sian said...

I really like it. I love the soft blues.

DF - Heidi said...

another stunning piece - i am going to re do mine as i now hate mine - ask nicks why ROFL failing that i'm just going to give all my arting stuff away and find a new hobby ROFL