Saturday, 5 April 2008

Teeny Tiny

This is a matchbox i made for a matchbox swap on DC. I've not made one before and its just so small! I had nothing to put in there so I got making. I made the base of the inside with air dry clay pressed onto a floral textured stamp and cut bits for each corner. The roses i made with air dry clay. The little butterflies were made by making a 'mould' out of friendly plastic with a charm pressed in, then i removed the charm and made clay impressions. They're not perfect but are things ever?! Then the whole lot is painted with acrylic and has some wax rub ons and a few other bits here and there. I think i like matchboxes a lot!


Sian said...

I absolutely love your matchbox. It's fantastic!

(There's something on my blog for you:

WendyK said...

It's lovely Paula, great fun aren't they
Is your little one up for swaps, she's gorgeous

My name is CINDY...... said...

You'll be lucky Wendy!! This is lovely Paula, you are a clever thing making your own moulds. All this creativity is making my head spin!!

PBird said...

Lol Wendy! Swap my angel? Okay, but for 2 atcs he he x