Wednesday, 23 July 2008


This is number two for Sians Holes swap. This didnt quite turn out the way i'd have liked but I think its okay. It turned out quite bulky and a bit messy but I guess old boat portholes might be a bit messy too. This was made with a sheet of REALLY thin veneer stuck onto mountboard with a big hole cut out. Then layered with more veneer and foam and then painted till it warped (oops!). The porthole is little metal circle that I cropodiled to within an inch of its life and set eyelets into. Then brushed and acrylic painted to dull it a bit. There are eyelets everywhere thats what is making it a bit messy as its kind of uneven. Some net added for fishing, and a little roled canvas that i ran through the printer is at the top and when you untie and roll down the back you get a little underwater scene.


Sherry said...

Absolutely fantastic - wish I was in that swap now!

My name is Cindy said...

This is fab!!


fantastic pieces of work

Sarah said...

I love this - especially the little roll down canvas, fab finishing touch. I spend a lot of time around boats as my other half lives in Southampton so I can say this is very authentically nautical :D

I am really enjoying following links to the blogs of all you talented Do Crafts ladies - I found Nicks' blog first when she joined a Yahoo group I am a member of, and have been merrily blog hopping ever since.

This is going to sound awful but I don't mean it to - but I didn't really associate the Do Crafts brand with people creating such wonderful mixed media art.

That'll teach me for assuming :)

I will be revisiting this and the other blogs regularly

thanks for all the eye candy :)

(oh, and I'm in awe of your drawing and painting skills!)